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PRK refractive eye surgery in Coushatta, LA for improving the weak eyes

Health - Gauri Nigudkar - April 5, 2023

PRK refractive eye surgery in Coushatta, LA

These days people are using too many of their phones and watching television, which is affecting our eyesight and other eye diseases, some of which are incurable. Vision problems are created by regular exposure of eyes to blue light, which damages our eye cells and can cause weak eye sightedness and even eye cancer. It has been studied that blue light is more harmful to kids than adults and nowadays there is not a single kid left who doesn’t uses smartphones or watch television which is causing more problem for kids. It is better to be away from screens but now education has also started online which means the usage of phones is increased. The kids should wear blue eyeglasses to protect their eyes and if already affected by it then can have¬†PRK refractive eye surgery in Coushatta, LA for improving their eyesight.

Blue light exposure and how to protect your eyes from it

Blue light is the rays from smartphones or televisions that affect our eyes to a great extent and make them weak. It affects kids the most and to prevent it, wear blue eyes lenses, take a 20-minute break after every 20 mins of screen exposure, and try to put the screen at a proper distance from your eyes. Do not use your phone in a dark room or dim lights as this affects eyesight the most. If your eyes are affected and you need to make them healthy and want your eyesight back then you should prefer PRK refractive eye surgery in Coushatta, LA for your eyes and get your eyesight improved. It reshapes the cornea to improve its ability to focus on light. It does what Lasik surgery does but in a different way. It prepares the eye to focus on light and cures the upper layer of the eye to improve weak eye sightedness.

The eyes are the most worthy part of our eyes and it needs more of our attention, do not ignore the small issues in your eyes, give them proper attention and reach out to a doctor for help. Ask them about your eye health and keep your distance from blue rays or wear blue ray lenses which way to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of blue rays. Surgery is not harmful but they improve your eyesight that has got affected.

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