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How Online Sports Flourished In Portugal 

sports - Gauri Nigudkar - August 19, 2021

Como fazer uma aposta esportiva

Online sports is a major part of the Portuguese market and has flourished ever since the Portuguese government opened up the market for international operators to come in. But it was not always like that, and the reason for the high spike in online gamblers is an indication of a market that is just waiting for playing operators.

Why is that so?

Since 1961, the charity foundation Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa (SCML) had a monopoly in the playing market. They had the sole authority to grant legal recognition to bookies and sports shops. The authorities also took care to disallow and illegalize any operators that functioned beyond the sphere of control of the SCML.

Qual aplicativo usar para fazer apostas

All this changed in 2015 when the government decided to liberalize the playing market with a decree, and led to a large rise in the number of online gamblers. The number of websites and apps have begged the question, Qual aplicativo usar para fazer apostas?

The lucrative market has led to a lot of international operators concentrating on efforts to woe in Portuguese customers. Several sports apps like 22Bet, Zodiac Bet, and Bet365 offer lucrative rewards, bonuses, and starting bonuses for new customers and old ones looking for a new arena to try out their luck.

Sports sports has grown since its first inception, and with the advent of the internet, its online version has garnered more customers than ever. Licensed and local bookies are not that far and wide to be found, as the Portuguese government has imposed a high taxation rate on them. Operating from Portuguese soil is difficult, which has led such bookies to offer lower odds to their consumers. Online sports apps and websites stand the best chance of making profits and garnering customers, and the Portuguese market is worth taking a shot at.

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